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Hello fellow Oxford residents.

I am the candidate of the Democratic Party and the Vision and Transparency Party running for the office of Chenango County Supervisor for the town of Oxford

I came to Oxford at the age of four on the train with my parents, attended Oxford tractorAcademy & Central School, went on to obtain B.A. & M.A in education.  I have pursued a life of service. Presently, I work as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  For the last nine months, I have attended Town, County Board, & Committee Meetings, asking endless questions, coming to conclude that CHANGE is needed.

I am a member of Chenango Links, a group of concerned citizens, meeting weekly.  I edit our newsletter to inform citizens to bring awareness (see  My decision to run for our local government is a direct result of discovering that we have so little access to many levels of decision making that affect our lives.
I am ready to serve the Town of Oxford.

Canice Paliotta, September 2017.





Canice Geraldine Paliotta